On-staff expertise means personal service and accountability at J.T. Magen

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Adding construction value, ensuring client satisfaction

The construction industry demands a variety of skills and areas of expertise to ensure project success, and J.T. Magen hires full-time staff professionals with top qualifications and in-depth industry expertise to address these needs.

Whether it’s MEP, BIM modeling, LEED, safety, expediting, insurance and  more, our staffers are accountable and focused on client service. Many companies in the industry simply hire independent contractors by the project acting as a broker.

Client service first

The J.T. Magen staff has a direct, hands-on approach to client service. It’s not just a job to them – they take pride in the company’s reputation in the industry, in a job well done and in the long-term relationships they’ve developed.

The company features few management layers so there is no bureaucracy to contend with. Top executives are readily accessible. Communication is responsive; documentation is real-time.

J.T. Magen staff accountability

The J.T. Magen staff is renowned for integrity. They are accountable for their work, their ethics, project cost management and labor supervision. They maintain strict job site protocols and safety regulations; they assess daily risk management; they immediately handle reporting and communication so workflow continues on schedule and everyone is informed. They reduce overtime with technology-enabled labor planning.

It’s a team that clients appreciate working with.

Total company staff
Staff turnover compared to 21.4 percent construction industry average —2017 ADP Workforce Vitality Index

J.T. Magen’s leadership team is the best in the business

Maurice Regan, CEO and founder of J.T. Magen, is posed in a dark suit against a white wall textured with geometric designs.

Maurice Regan

Founder & CEO
Robert Scheinman, principal at J.T. Magen, commands attention standing at the head of a long, sleek conference room table.

Robert Scheinman

Geoff Arend, project executive for J.T. Magen, leans on a desk piled with blueprints and a hardhat, ready to solve problems.

Geoff Arend

Executive Vice President
Sean Murray, partner and executive vice president for J.T. Magen, leans against a rough stone pillar with arms crossed.

Sean Murray

Executive Vice President
Vincent Ryan, J.T. Magen vice president, is pictured surrounded by silver industrial lighting and site elements on a jobsite.

Vincent Ryan

Executive Vice President
Leo Martin, director of construction for J.T. Magen, visits a client jobsite with construction equipment in the background.

Leo Martin

Director of Construction
Sean Halpin, director of operations for J.T. Magen, dominates the foreground backed by panoramic views of New York City.

Sean Halpin

Director of Operations
Gina Mallick, commercial insurance and risk manager for J.T. Magen, stands in a client’s office overlooking Central Park.

Gina Mallick

Commercial Insurance & Risk Manager

J.T. Magen’s strong industry relationships enhance productivity

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Working with J.T. Magen & Company was a seamless and collaborative experience. Throughout the entire construction process, they were actively involved in communication and coordination of all team members. A true partner.

—Scott E. Spector, AIA, Spector Group

Masters of Construction: From fine finishes to engineering feats

J.T. Magen’s project model is a true collaboration with all professionals involved in construction. We’ve developed long-term working relationships in the industry based on respect and trust to ensure productivity, communication and a timely, successful outcome.

The J.T. Magen team approach embraces architects and designers; structural and MEP engineers; a host of suppliers, subcontractors and craftsmen; and of course, owners, owners’ reps, landlords, brokers and property managers. Together, we bring the project vision to life.

Nationwide subcontractor network

J.T. Magen has a vetted North American network of suppliers, subcontractors and specialty craftsmen that we trust to work with us to complete projects within the timeline and quality parameters. They all exhibit the same pride in their work as the J.T. Magen staff. And we treat them professionally and fairly.

J.T. Magen works with the best in the business


Nearly two-thirds of the top 25 U.S. interior design architects

—Interior Design Top 100 Giants 2019


The majority of New York’s top 20 architecture firms

—Crain’s New York Business 2019


ALL of New York’s 24 largest commercial property managers

—Crain’s New York Business 2018


The majority of New York’s 10 largest engineering firms

—Crain’s New York Business 2018

Signatures and signage from trade unions and the J.T. Magen team adorn a steel beam on a construction site.
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When you’re working with J.T. Magen, everyone is on the same team and is treated equally with an emphasis on getting the job done right. They don’t try to cut corners to save money; they have an old-school mentality on working through issues that come up. In this industry, six figures can disappear in the blink of an eye when mistakes are made or infighting happens over change orders, impacting schedule and budget. J.T. Magen treats the clients’ money like it’s their money.

— Bob Muir, sales engineer for Caterpillar dealer H.O. Penn

J.T. Magen’s project management team was very understanding with what we were up against logistically. They performed head and shoulders above anyone else I’ve ever dealt with.

— Joe DeGuara, master rigger, managing partner, Brothers Rigging Inc.

For some general contractors, the relationship with their subcontractors is nearly adversarial. At J.T. Magen, there’s a true partnership with subs and suppliers – the team sits down and comes up with a strategy on how to get the job done and resolve issues. Company estimators involve the subs at the bid phase, and the relationship continues into the field. Subcontractors are treated fairly. Everyone is interlinked in the J.T. Magen world.

— Neal Lazar, president, Manhattan Mechanical