Photos: © Veronica Bean, TPG Architecture

J.T. Magen builds award-winning, family-owned Strictly Cycling Collective

A unique retail and social experience that emphasizes values of diversity and inclusivity in a forward-thinking, high tech space adjacent to the Highline and Hudson Yards.

Custom wood seating inspired by the Highline pays homage to the neighborhood, while staff-created graffiti art installations throughout add quintessential New York City grit to the space.

- Retail Design Institute

Monitors display annual races such as the Giro d’Italia and the Tour de France that guests can bond over. Additionally, a topographic map of the area on the wall highlights local bike trails riders can explore.

- TPG Architecture

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Project Facts

Strictly Cycling Collective
Address: 10 Hudson Yards, New York, NY
Size: 3,000 sq. ft.
Architect: TPG Architecture
MEPS engineer: Doka Engineering


Photos: © Veronica Bean, TPG Architecture

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