Photo: © Nike
Photo: © Nike

Jumpman LA built by JTM Construction Group Inc. features glass basketball court on the roof

Everyone expects the Jumpman brand to debut innovative stores to match their innovative product offerings, and the new Los Angeles store built by JTM Construction Group Inc. exceeds this expectation. “It’s the coolest core and shell project I’ve ever done,” says veteran project manager Jonathan Holloway.

He points to the full-size, open-air basketball court on the roof with custom glass floor and court lines in LED lightstrips under the glass. Permitting approval for the first-of-its-kind ball court in the U.S. was a special challenge, he adds. The rooftop is used for special events and photo shoots with sponsored athletes.

There’s also an indoor gym, bleachers, dressing rooms and lounge, as well as a floor of retail space at the 620 South Broadway location opened in October 2018.

Structural expertise

“We took a 1928 building with interesting architecture and built a whole new building inside the old structure,” explains Holloway. “We kept the front and back façade, created a third floor for the rooftop basketball court, and then had to reinforce the foundations and build a new steel infrastructure to support the weight of the rooftop facility.”

In the process of construction, JTM Construction Group Inc. shut down traffic 12 times on Broadway to lift 330 tons of steel to the roof for infrastructure, plus new HVAC and MEP equipment. “It was a huge structural project, and the interior finishes were demanding too,” says Holloway.

The unprecedented “Jordan brand experience hub” is a fitting addition to the champion-inspired, celebrity-driven Los Angeles retail scene.

Photos: © McCall Design Group/Nike