Photo: © G3
Photo: © G3

BNP Paribas and J.T. Magen collaborate on projects over 15 years

If project success is measured in terms of repeat business, then the New Jersey data center for BNP Paribas played a winning role. Not only did J.T. Magen meet the challenges presented on the data center, but the company went on to build over a million sq. ft. of space for BNP Paribas in New Jersey and New York over 15 years, says Robert Bernier, project manager.

“We’ve developed a collaborative team dynamic,” says Bernier. “They appreciate our attention to detail. And they know we’ll do what it takes to hit schedules and budgets.”

Innovative solutions

The data center in South Jersey that cemented the relationship had space constraints that required creative problem solving with the design team, says Bernier. “We didn’t have the height for raised floors, so we cut large channels 6 ft. wide and 6 ft. deep into the concrete slab on the ground level to run the chilled water piping for the air conditioning units.”

Bernier says the team used a massive drill to cut 30-inch holes in the side of the brick building to run the piping to the three chiller units located outside. “With the infrastructure in place, we installed the finished floor with wiring running underneath in cable trays that fed up into the data center racks. It was a sophisticated solution and is completely out of sight.”

Subsequent projects

J.T. Magen went on to do a six-floor re-stack at the New Jersey facility that included office space, pantries and MEP systems.  “Our subcontractor pool is our strength in New Jersey,” says Bernier, adding J.T. Magen also has a good working relationship with the N.J. Department of Buildings.

“When the BNP Paribas data center moved from New York to New Jersey, it freed up expensive real estate for income producers, and we won the N.Y. building re-stack with a massive new trading floor and beautiful floating staircase with rated glass enclosure,” he notes.

“BNP Paribas is my highest square footage account over 40+ years in the construction industry,” says Bernier. “They’re demanding but fair, and they know what they want. They’re a pleasure to work with.”