Geoff Arend, project executive for J.T. Magen, leans on a desk piled with blueprints and a hardhat, ready to solve problems.
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Geoff Arend, LEED AP

Executive Vice President

Geoff Arend has supervised the construction of over 6 million sq. ft. of office and technical space nationwide. His projects have ranged from data center/telecom facilities to flagship retail space and corporate headquarters build-outs.

Some of his projects have achieved LEED Gold certification, incorporated BIM modeling, employed helicopter hoists for equipment, met seismic and F2 tornado requirements, and used special construction procedures to work in occupied facilities.

In his management role for J.T. Magen, Geoff Arend oversees facility master planning, design development review, site evaluation, coordination with local utilities, municipal review and permitting, project supervision, construction management and complicated logistics.

Geoff Arend’s construction experience began in college at the University of Vermont working as a carpenter before moving up to supervising fast-track construction and renovation projects. He is certified as a LEED Accredited Professional by the U.S. Green Building Council.

Member, 7x24 Exchange International, for Data Center, IT and Mission Critical professionals

Accredited Professional, LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design)

Maurice Regan, CEO and founder of J.T. Magen, is posed in a dark suit against a white wall textured with geometric designs.

Maurice Regan

Founder & CEO
Robert Scheinman, principal at J.T. Magen, commands attention standing at the head of a long, sleek conference room table.

Robert Scheinman

Geoff Arend, project executive for J.T. Magen, leans on a desk piled with blueprints and a hardhat, ready to solve problems.

Geoff Arend

Executive Vice President
Sean Murray, partner and executive vice president for J.T. Magen, leans against a rough stone pillar with arms crossed.

Sean Murray

Executive Vice President
Vincent Ryan, J.T. Magen vice president, is pictured surrounded by silver industrial lighting and site elements on a jobsite.

Vincent Ryan

Executive Vice President
Leo Martin, director of construction for J.T. Magen, visits a client jobsite with construction equipment in the background.

Leo Martin

Director of Construction
Sean Halpin, director of operations for J.T. Magen, dominates the foreground backed by panoramic views of New York City.

Sean Halpin

Director of Operations
Gina Mallick, commercial insurance and risk manager for J.T. Magen, stands in a client’s office overlooking Central Park.

Gina Mallick

Commercial Insurance & Risk Manager